Bathroom additions

               If you’re waiting in line to use the bathroom every morning or having to brush your teeth in the kitchen sink, it might be time to consider a bathroom addition to solving the problems caused by your growing family. Adding a bathroom to your home might be one of the best home improvement decisions to make, as it not only solves problems such as crowding but adds significant value to your home. So if you have a family of four and your home has only one bathroom, don’t think twice about converting an existing spot into a bathroom, or installing a bathroom addition.

Bathroom additions experts

Bathroom Reno is a company that offers bathroom additions large and small. We understand the necessity of bathroom space but also understand that in many instances homes simply don’t have the necessary room to fit a large bathroom addition. In order to remedy any issues encountered, we work with our customers to achieve their goals in the most realistic and budget friendly way possible.

Before committing to a bathroom addition, call in a real estate agent or professional appraiser to evaluate whether an additional bathroom makes sense in your situation. Buyers tend to prefer houses where the number of bathrooms equals the number of bedrooms, according to NAHB.

remodeled bathroom idea

Bathroom space planning and design

               You might be thinking of the various places you can squeeze in a new bathroom, and shaking your head because you can’t find one. In reality, a bathroom space can be placed in the smallest spaces. Even if your home is small, it’s absolutely possible to find an area that will relieve pressure in your home. Architect agrees that as little as 3 by 5 feet is able to house a sink and toilet, and 3 by 8 is more than enough for a shower. This is where Bathroom Reno comes in: We will help you plan your space so that it serves a capacity and looks great. With our sophisticated planning and design technology, we can plan and design a bathroom in any space. Allow us to help you with colours, tiles and fixtures, to create a bathroom that is stylistically gorgeous and versatile. You may also consider expanding an existing water closet into a full bathroom, by using the space to the maximum and installing a small shower.

As you consider a bathroom addition, remember that hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that your bathroom will function and blend seamlessly into the architecture of your home. Similarly, hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that your plumbing is installed correctly and will offer no problems in the long run. This is especially important with an addition, as you will be installing plumbing and electric wiring from scratch. For this reason, the planning stage of your addition project must be handled with additional care.

Bathroom addition budget and costs

As you consider a bathroom addition or conversion, whether large or small scale, remember to plan and budget as you go along. With your participation, out company’s signature 6 step process which will help you with all aspects of your project.

3-d bathroom design preview

First, we offer a free consultation and estimate, in which we will answer any and all questions regarding the process, budgeting and timelines. Next, we will help you to implement a budget structure so that you can feel secure with all the costs going into your bathroom remodelling. Our company wants the process to be as easy as possible for our customers, which is why we will work with you to meet your expected costs and needs. While we are budgeting, we will simultaneously be designing the structure of your new bathroom, and implementing this design into the projected costs. To offer you the best possible representation, we use advanced 3-D modelling to construct an interactive image of your finished bathroom. This way, you know exactly what the finished project will look like, and will be able to change any concerns before construction begins.

Before we begin working, we want you to be absolutely happy with your design, budget and materials, which is why we spend time planning and noting down the timeframe in which we will be working, materials required as well as the step by step procedure we will use to remodel your bathroom. This is to ensure that our customers know every aspect of our process and so that when it comes down to the actual building, we will we in and out as quickly as possible. The last step of our process involves making any changes, additions and final trim to the completed bathroom, which our design experts will be happy to consult with you on.

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That’s why Bathroom Reno is the best choice in bathroom renovations across Toronto and the GTA! Call us today to get started on your next bathroom remodelling or addition project! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our design and construction process.