Bathroom remodeling

Welcome to Bathroom Reno! Our company proudly offers bathroom renovation services and takes on large and small projects. Our process consists of a variety of steps that ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and give us the opportunity to complete your bathroom remodelling project to the utmost best standards. In addition to complete bathroom renovations, we also offer additions, installation of plumbing and will work with you to match your fixtures and vanities to the style you are trying to create. When you book a Bathroom Remodeling project with Bathroom Reno, you are booking a guarantee of superior construction and installation, and unique, personal customer service.

Bathroom remodelling will add value to your home

A bathroom remodel is a tricky undertaking, as homeowners look to maximize the profit that a remodel will add to your home’s value, while simultaneously making the are more comfortable and efficient. Whether you’re attempting to replace old fixtures, or you want to completely change the layout of your bathroom, you’re in for a ride that if done correctly will add much value to your home. For these reasons, it is important to remember the importance of intertwining design and function into a coherent whole. As this is a complicated process, we are here to help with all aspects of your renovation. From choosing fixtures, tile and vanities, we will help you achieve the utmost in both style and function. Make your bathroom more accessible by removing that old tub and converting it into a walk in-shower or maximize your home’s value by expanding that small water closet. The possibilities are endless and our experts are here to help you re-design ad re-model your bathroom into the project of your dreams.


Custom Bathroom Design

Bathroom Reno also specializes in custom bathroom remodelling and renovation, and offers a custom design process which will allow you to plan your new area from start to finish. All of our consultations are free, and once you decide to start the project our teams will work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom remodel is exactly what you wanted.

Our bathroom remodeling process

Before you consider your remodel, remember that our company has a signature 6 step process which will help you with all aspects of your project: First, we offer a free consultation and estimate, in which we will answer any and all questions regarding the process, budgeting and timelines. Next, we will help you to implement a budget structure so that you can feel secure with all the costs going into your bathroom remodeling. Our company wants the process to be as easy as possible for our customers, which is why we will work with you to meet your expected costs and needs. While we are budgeting, we will simultaneously be designing the structure of your new bathroom, and implementing this design into the projected costs.

Plan your ultimate bathroom in 3D: To offer you the best possible representation, we use advanced 3D modelling to construct an interactive image of your finished bathroom. This way, you know exactly what the finished project will look like, and will be able to change any concerns before construction begins. Before we begin working, we want you to be absolutely happy with your design, budget and materials, which is why we spend time planning and noting down the timeframe in which we will be working, materials required as well as the step by step procedure we will use to remodel your bathroom. This is to ensure that our customers know every aspect of our process and so that when it comes down to the actual building, we will we in and out as quickly as possible. The last step of our process involves making any changes, additions and final trim to the completed bathroom, which our design experts will be happy to consult with you on.


               That’s why we’re the best choice in bathroom renovations! Call us today  416-800-2165 to get started on your next bathroom remodelling project! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our design and construction process.