Tub to shower renovation

If you’re thinking of converting your tub to a shower, and in that way upgrading your bathroom, you’re in luck! Many homeowners today prefer a shower stall over a bathtub, and the trend is on the rise throughout North America as more and more people opt for a shower over a tub. As with many specific fixture installations, Bathroom Reno’s team of professionals is happy to make the transition from tub to shower quick and easy. Best of all, we can do it in a variety of ways to save you money and time.

Converting or removing  your tub

               A growing trend among homeowners is converting your tub into a combination tub and shower, to preserve the old-style tub but allow for easier access. A tub can easily be converted to a walk-in shower with a simple removal of a front piece and an installation of a removable flap that will allow the tub to function as both walk-in shower and bathtub. For homes with both elders and smaller children, this solution allows for easier access to the shower as well as the potential to use the tub to bathe small children.

               Another solution is the complete removal of your tub. If your tub is in an alcove, this leaves you with a 5-foot-wide area in which you can place a large, luxurious walk-in shower at little cost, as the plumbing modifications are minimal. This kind of replacement is easy and quick, and fully customizable. Choose your tile, bottom, glass if you wish to custom create your shower, or allow out experts to suggest high-quality factory made purchases.


A bathroom renovation for your needs

               With a free-standing tub, you may require a little more planning, but don’t worry too much, as you’re in good hands. Our teams are well versed in bathroom renovation and will work with you to find the perfect spot to place your shower stall, whether it means moving other fixtures or not. As free-standing tub to shower conversions might necessitate moving some plumbing, this option can be a bit more costly than the others. Bathroom Reno will help solve problems such as moving plumbing, finding the space to place your new shower, adding sections of wall and removing your old tub without damaging flooring and tiles. We will also take the time to evaluate the pipes, flooring and valves to ensure that all these fixtures are in good condition. You have the choice of installing a curbed or curbless shower stall, and deciding whether you want sliding or hinged doors, or no doors at all.

               We are ready to help you with construction and installation and will make it our top priority to attend to your every specification. Making your dream bathroom a reality is our job, which is why we practise a unique 6 step construction process that begins with a free consultation, where you can ask us all your questions, and ends with your finished bathroom. For more information about our process and what goes into making your project a reality, please visit our home page.

Total bathroom renovation services in Toronto

               Our company provides a full plumbing and installation services of all bathroom fixtures, as well as complete renovation and remodelling services, tiling, tub to shower renovation and other miscellaneous projects. Our design experts work with customers to provide them with the utmost in style, versatility and function, and to make your dream bathroom a reality. Our trusted, insured, reviewed, liability insured and WSIB protected teams will work tirelessly to finish your project to the utmost quality, providing excellent customer service and quality work along the way. If you have any questions for Bathroom Reno regarding installation and plumbing services, please contact us today. We offer a free consultation for all our services including installation, renovation and additions, as well as conversions of baths to showers and others. We offer our services across Toronto and the GTA, Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions, so give us a call anytime!

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