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You want your bathroom to really stand out, and rightly so. Every homeowner deserves an interior that is both luxurious and beautiful. With our help, you can make your bathroom into a unique, gorgeous interior that you simply won’t want to leave. Installation of various wall features can brighten up a room that needs a little something. Maybe you’d like a stone design, a particularly ornate wallpaper, a full wall mirror or intricate lighting, but you aren’t sure how to do this yourself. With the help of Bathroom Reno, you can rest assured that your bathroom renovation will leave you with an interior that will astound all who enter.

Upgrade your Bathroom interior with wall features

               Many homeowners agree that now more than ever it’s imperative to add a little bit of extra flair to your bathroom interior. With a special addition such as a stonework wall decoration or an ornate mirror, you can create an elegant interior which stands out from the rest. Allow our designers to suggest new wallpaper, paint, stonework or lighting, and let us make it a reality. Here are some potential ideas you can use to breathe life into your bathroom interior:

Inlays: An indented shelf carved into the wall can create a unique storage area that is both useful and unique. Positioned above a tub or sink area, a hollow can create a sophisticated and elegant look, and simultaneously hide toiletries within.

Stone or tile patterns: If you want to splurge, consider tile or stonework patterning as a means to decorate an otherwise boring interior. Stonework is a massively popular means of decoration and can be used to create ornate and luxurious patterns. With thousands of decorative tile patterns available, you can decorate to your heart’s content.

Wallpaper: A uniquely patterned wallpaper might be all that your bathroom is missing. Consider a lush forest scene, a flowery meadow or a creative design as a means to spice up that plain white wall.

Full wall mirror: A massive mirror along one wall serves as a way to make an interior look larger while giving you the mirror space you need to get ready in the morning.

modern bathroom design

We take Bathroom design to the next level

               For more excellent ideas, contact us and ask about designs that you can implement today. Our company’s teams are dedicated to creating the bathroom of your dreams, no matter the difficulty. With dedication and passion, we will work with our customers to ensure quality installation and design. Bathroom Reno does almost any kind of bathroom renovation and installation, and have years of experience in the field. Trust our professionals to give you the renovation experience you need, quick and easy and 100% superior quality. Our signature six step process ensures a quality experience for our customers, starting with a free consultation, a fully interactive and technologically advanced planning process and full customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Find out today what makes Bathroom Reno the most trusted name in bathroom renovations today, and give us a call today! 416-800-2165 Our trusted, insured, reviewed, liability insured and WSIB protected teams will work tirelessly to finish your project to the utmost quality, providing excellent customer service and quality work along the way. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our company, process and what we can offer you today. Call now!